The Discovery of YOU - Unveil Your True Self is a compelling journey toward self-discovery through inner awareness and techniques for self-improvement.  The objective is to empower readers toward the mindset of an overcomer as they face some of life’s most universal challenges, difficult choices, and social experiences.  

With seven invigorating chapters, The Discovery of YOU – Unveil Your True Self speaks to the soulful needs of the reader. It presents topics on communication, relationships, overcoming your past, self-worth, religion/spirituality, forgiveness, tragedy, love, and purpose. In the category of personal growth, the book is unique due its approach to self-help and bold, in your face, reality checks. Readers receive an enriching and take charge perspective on holistic success through Shávon’s personal life stories and professional background in communications.

As a motivational speaker and certified life coach, Shávon combines several concepts from her keynote speeches, workshops and coaching strategies that have proven to be valuable principles for helping others deal with the emotional impacts of life and create a road map to success. “As people are in pursuit of their career aspirations, my goal is to support their efforts in a way that also empowers the condition of their hearts, minds, and encounters with others." says Reed. 

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