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The Coach's Role

The coach helps to identify what’s happening in the client’s life presently and what they want for the future.  Depending on the level of partnership, this can include the development and execution of a life plan, goal-setting chart or as simple as a prioritized to-do list. Your certified coach is your accountability partner. 

Coaches can be:

  • A partner in achieving personal and business goals 
  • A sounding board when exploring choices
  • A motivational support and a beacon during stormy times
  • A wake up call and reality check
  • A designer to help create a more productive lifestyle
  • A referee to encourage clients to push the envelope

ECHO Coaching

Eyes Closed - Heart Open

Welcome to ECHO Life Coaching where our motto for coaching is Eyes Closed & Heart Open; ECHO. This means that we are dedicated to assisting you along your journey without judgment, stereotypes or unproductive pressures. Instead, we provide professional and sincere tactical planning and support to drive you to the next level of a fulfilling lifestyle.

WHAT IS COACHING?  Coaching involves a collaborative partnership between a certified coach (C.C.) and an individual or group, also known as the client.  Using educational training, coaching skills and a series of questions, it is the coach’s responsibility to guide the client along a journey to explore and find the right answers toward their personal and professional desires.   

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